Partner Channel
Trusted Learning Network (TLN) Partner Channel is a consortium of independently owned and operated Information Technology training centers from around the globe. TLN Partner companies are committed to training excellence, growing the IT marketplace, the career development of each student, and enhancing the performance and productivity of each company we work with.

TLN Partner's provides businesses with a way to obtain high quality IT training around the world, from the very best national and regional providers.

TLN Partner Channel exists to leverage the services and expertise of each of our members in ways that individual companies could not easily attain on their own.

These components include:
  • Selling and delivering global and national training contracts through the network of consortium members
  • Delivering mission and time critical training for national and international IT product companies
  • Developing strategic relationships with manufacturers, vendors and providers
  • Negotiating favorable consortium-wide contracts with vendors, suppliers and partners
  • Providing a comprehensive, one-stop infrastructure for delivery of IT training
  • Developing a series of best-practice methods to provide competitive advantage in the global marketplace
  • Developing marketing and PR initiatives beneficial to all members
  • Providing a high-quality alternative to national and franchise IT training entities
  • Maintaining a level of critical mass in the global marketplace
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