Let Our Expert Consultants Guide You through the Learning Maze
With over 15 years of experience working with clients across all industries, TLN founders and its skilled team of training delivery and learning strategy consultants helps organizations mitigate the myriad of questions and challenges often associated with large or complex learning initiatives.

TLN trainer and consultants assist organizations in understanding and identifying:
  • The role of training as it relates to your company’s overall business objectives
  • Number of students to be trained – in which geographic areas, and over what period of time.
  • Student pre-requisites – identifying and filling knowledge gaps among learner groups
  • Centralized or localized training needs – and determining appropriate resources for each
  • Appropriate learning modalities and the best application of each based on number of students, geographies, budget, timeframe, etc.
  • Courseware that best suits your needs, including the need for content development or customization
  • Your resource gaps – instructors, developers, designers, computers, classrooms, etc.
  • Number of instructors needed – to meet project timeline objectives
  • Instructor skill sets required for project scope, including subject matter expertise, required certifications, proficiency in the application of adult learning principles, industry-related experience, platform experience, etc.
  • Project roles and responsibilities – including project scope, objectives, budget and timeline, key stakeholders, and project or key account managers

  • TLN’s expert team member assist organizations in:
  • Identifying the problem that learning is meant to solve — including gathering and assembling data and reporting back the findings as well as developing a high-level scope
  • Developing a plan for solving the problem — including devising a learning solution based on company culture, existing materials, resources, budget and a host of other variables
  • Implementing the plan — activities may include instructional design, course development training activities, and establishing methods for assessing learning activities
  • Evaluating the plan activities — including measuring program success through assessments, evaluations or other methods, as well as making changes to the process and materials based on feedback
  • Project close-out – including providing agreed-upon reporting, transitioning the program into maintenance mode, and closing out the project

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